More than a place only for cooking

Creating fond memories in this beautiful kitchen with Sawed Solid Veneer -

The Sawed Solid Veneer gives the kitchen a remarkable appeal and sets the tone for creating a bond between people you care about.


Fully-custom-made kitchen making the most of natural feature of wood

We present a kitchen with exclusively impressive presence by using Solid wood/Sawed Solid Veneer.The impregnated coating finish allows the product to retain its warm touch of the natural timber.All products are fully made-to-order. Facilities like water taps, dishwashers, ovens and gas cookers are adaptable to overseas, and you can also select three-step-sink.


Selectable top-plate

You can choose any top-plate that fits in with your image.*We have various materials other than shown below.

Solid Stainless Steel

Using Solid Stainless Steel of 8 mm thick that gives a product majestic presence. Matching this massiveness and expressive characteristics of Solid Sawed Veneer yield a noble kitchen space.

Quartz Engineered Stone

A natural material mainly constituted by quartz. This material is gaining attention from around the world for its compatibility of inherent natural beauty with its high durability and utility.


Flat front door

Adopted flat-front door. It can be adopted to the sliding door which can reduce the dead space. The door with finely laid out wood grains conveys a magnificent look of natural wood.



’Aura’ means the authentic atmosphere that no artificial material can emulate.
‘Aria’ means the music that can be performed only by the iconic pieces of fine product.
The fusion of which embodies the richest lifestyle you have never experienced before.
We have various types of products. You can select any type you like that suits your home life.