Using carefully selected precious lumbers from the forest in the U.S.A.–
Adding special value with skilled craftsmanship

※Japanese finest furnitures / architectures made


Our story - begins at a natural forest

Aria & Aura uses four types of natural wood, Black walnut, Hard maple, Black cherry and White oak.

All of them are world-class fine lumbers selected carefully from the temperate hardwood forests in the eastern area of the U.S.A.

Our advanced skill in processing lumber can showcase the beauty in its natural variation, which adds aesthetic value to our final products.

Black Walnut

One of the world three precious woods. The color-shade with distinct nobility and the dynamic pattern of wood-figure enhance the beauty of the product to the highest level.

Hard Maple

This wood is called ‘pearl wood’ for its silky smoothness of its surface. The color richly changes from creamy white to amber tint with the passage of time.

Black Cherry

Everyone will be fascinated by the delicately smooth surface of this wood. The color ages beautifully and enhances its appeal changing from light amber to reddish brown.

White Oak

This wood won the nickname of ‘king of forest.’ It exactly describes how dignified and magnificent presence it has. The products made from this material literally have an air of dignity.

Sustainable/ Traceable

The 4 species of wood that Aria & Aura uses are extremely precious and esteemed. Also, Northern America is renowned worldwide for its effort in forest management in view of sustainability and traceability. We are conscious of the environment and selecting only legally logged timbers in a planned manner.

‘Sticking to the U.S. hardwood’ -- this reflects our sincere hope for delivering the best quality product to you.


The prominent Japanese masters of timber select the finest wood with their ‘eye’

A successful selecting process of timbers solely depends on the craftsmen’s eye for judging the characteristics and qualities. There are countless criteria for evaluation such as grain patterns, knots and every disposition timber could have. As for a door material, it is required to have a entirely clean surface of more than 2m length, for which it makes the selection much more difficult.

It is said that there exists only a few skilled craftsmen in Japan who has a keen insight for timber selection.

Aria & Aura only uses strictly selected wood material for every product of ours.


Having both beauty and substance
– Material with superior quality

When we cut out a material called sliced-veneer from a natural log, we use the best part with most smooth surface which has no irregular knots or other defects, while a thick solid timber material tends to have them. Aria & Aura offers the highest grade sliced veneer material, sawing into 2mm thick to produce ‘Sawed Solid Veneer’ that has both aesthetic appearance of grains and dignified touch of natural timber.