‘Aura’ means the authentic atmosphere that no artificial material can emulate.
‘Aria’ means the music that can be performed only by the iconic pieces of fine product The fusion of which embodies the richest lifestyle you have never experienced before.

Inspirations 01

Living room where excellent materials resonate with each other

Living room is the space where family gathers for sharing their precious time together.
Space surrounded by our products of finest quality will bring happiness and harmony.

Inspirations 02

Bedroom where you feel maximum comfort

The definition of the best bedroom is a place where you can be recover your natural self.
Aria & Aura provides you a peaceful sleep with our furnitecture which embraces you with warmth of natural woods.

Inspirations 03

Graceful kitchen,
more like an art

place of nurturing good relationship for family and friends – We can add a touch of class to your kitchen introducing our Sawed Solid Veneer. It will mesmerize your family and guests by its artistic aura.