Behind all the products lies our commitment to the authentic wood material
Aria & Aura inherits the warmth and beauty of timbers from forests with rich history.


Ultimate choice of the authentic wood material
– Sawed Solid Veneer

Deformation which we call ‘movement’ caused by its hygroscopic (moisture absorption) property is inherent in woods nature. Hence there is a large demand for the thinner sliced veneer for furniture surface, for its less ‘movement’ in any moisture conditions. Especially the sliced-veneer sawed from the woods with smooth surface without any irregular knots, is called ‘’sliced veneer grade’ and regarded as higher grade than natural solid board.

Aria & Aura uses this highest grade sliced veneer material, sawing into 2mm thick to produce ‘Sawed Solid Veneer’ that can retain the dignified appearance of natural timber as well as its functionality. Further, we pursue techniques for more stable wood conditions, which allow us to offer a wider variety of products.

Sawed Solid Veneer of 2mm thick that has both beauty and utility of natural wood -

Using this excellent material proves our passion for quality.


Time – is the essence of our finish.

Impregnated oil finish is recommended for the finish of Aria & Aura.

Oil finish products ages beautifully as years go by, whereas urethane finish would gradually lose its aesthetic appeal.

Oil coating finish

Appling and infiltrating transparent oil into the wooden material.

With proper care and regular maintenance, this finish can retain its touch of natural wood and get more distinctive nuance with times.

Aria & Aura adopts ‘Excellent oil’ that has greater durability compared to standard oil finish.

Urethane coating finish

Coating wood with transparent urethane layer gives a material extreme durability and utility, although its natural touch of timber is more or less sacrificed.


Seeking for the perfect harmony
– with uncompromising spirit

When we process material boards into a product, our craftsmen make every effort to find out one and only combination that allows our precious limbers look their best.

This process of communication with woods is essential for our brand, Aria & Aura.

You will be sure to feel the touch of our skilled craftsmanship in every part of our furniture.