Assorted Products

Total produce of home furnishing with Sawed Solid Veneer

Aura & Aria goes perfectly well with Aura & Aria.
Only the genuine authenticity with Sawed Solid Veneer can guide you to a dream living style.


Superior design of glued-laminated solid timber board

Using ‘glued laminated solid timber board’ which has less joints and smooth surface than normal glued laminated board. One piece of board has a width of 80mm to 150mm and no horizontal joints. This material contributes to a unique presence and elegant appearance. Premium glued laminated solid timber board of width more than 200mm is also available.


Fully made-to-order - just for your comfort

We have various experiences of made-to-order productions from table to hallway deck. Any specific size and design is available which will surely optimize your home value.

We spare no efforts like chamfering the edges of our product to pursue aesthetic appearance as well as usability.

Non-slip coating is available for staircase.






’Aura’ means the authentic atmosphere that no artificial material can emulate.
‘Aria’ means the music that can be performed only by the iconic pieces of fine product.
The fusion of which embodies the richest lifestyle you have never experienced before.
We have various types of products. You can select any type you like that suits your home life.