Aria & Aura products have comforting and noble presence,
which will bring a perfect harmony in any living space.

Simple Design

Overwhelming presence of quality material

Aria & Aura products are made from finest materials, and designed meticulously to maximize the presence of each material.

Maintaining minimal design without applying unnecessary decorative accents, unevenness or round parts yields a sophisticated appearance which showcases the best feature of natural wood. This simplicity fascinates every people on entering the space.


Authentic and universal design
– created by harmony of various materials

Unlike the designers brand furniture that needs to be symbolic as one product, Aria & Aura has a goal to produce authentic and universal products that can create a harmony in any space around them.

‘The high quality living space’ that we pursue is to be achieved when all our products integrate perfectly well with every space and life style, not when one of the superb products stands out from all the others.

You will find that each one product of ours has been meticulously designed to maintain a sense of harmony as part of one home.


Adding further value – to the 100 years-old timber

Every wood Aria & Aura uses for our products is authentic timber which has its history of more than 100 years. With your regular care, the authentic wooden product ages beautifully and increase richness with times, which will surely enrich your lifestyle. Also you will find it easy to care our product as it is designed very simple and has smooth surface.